Introducing High Tension Hex Bolts used in steel frame building and bridge construction.

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High Tension Hex Bolts

High Tension Hex Bolts

SUMITOMO METALS(High Tension Hex Bolts)
SUMITOMO METALS(High Tension Hex Bolts)

High tension hex bolts (M12 – M30) used in steel frame building and bridge construction are also a key product.


  • A high tension hex bolt special steel is made from materials such as low carbon manganese, chromium and boron steel (developed by Sumitomo Metal Industries) to deliver stable mechanical product characteristics.
  • Product quality consistency is ensured through the use of an integrated manufacturing method driven by advanced bolt forming equipment (for bolts below 27mm diameter).
  • Large diameter high tension bolts (M33 – M76) are also manufactured according to time tested hot forging technology.
  • Strict product lot management (based on JIS B1186) ensures stable quality in high volume manufacturing.
  • Orders for standard products are quickly filled from plentiful on-hand stock.

[JIS Certification Classification]
February 2008 JIS B1186 High tension hex bolt sets for friction points

Stainless Steel High Tension Hex Bolts

Stainless Steel High Tension Hex Bolts

Stainless steel offers excellent design, anti-corrosion, and durability characteristics and is has been historically used in a wide variety of applications.

High tension hex bolts made from stainless steel have received JIS B1186 certification for “High tension hex bolt, hex nut and flat washer sets for friction points.”

However, since this certification does not cover characteristics such as chemical composition and manufacturing method, stainless steel high tension hex bolts are manufactured according to the SSBS301 “Stainless steel construction hex bolts, hex nuts and washer sets” (10T-SUS, 10-SUS, 35-SUS) guidelines issued by the Stainless Steel Building Association of Japan.


Bolt surfaces are finished with a characteristic stainless steel beautiful metal shine, and are suitable for construction applications in structures where aesthetic appearance is a concern.
Durability - Corrosion Resistance
Extremely high anti-corrosion performance is suitable for building construction in which long life or low maintenance in normal environments are required.
Fire Resistance - Low Temperature Performance
Low reduction of strength under high heat conditions and high flexibility under low temperature conditions are suitable for building construction in which fire resistance and low temperature characteristics are required.
Mechanical Properties
Stainless steel construction high tension hex bolts offer mechanical performance properties equivalent to JIS B1186 F10T high tension hex bolts for friction points.

[Designated Stainless Steel Factory]
April 1, 2014: Designation HB-010 received, Japanese Society of Steel Construction

Hot Dip Galvanized High Tension Hex Bolts

Sumitomo's Hot Dip Galvanized High Tension Hex Bolts

Our hot dip galvanized high tension hex bolts have been tested according to national building codes for corrosion resistance, mechanical performance, holding performance, delayed mechanical failure characteristics and actual performance, and have received general certification from the Land, Infrastructure and Transport Minister.


  • Plating adhesion for bolts, nuts and washers greater than 550g/m2.
    Plating adhesion is managed according to the same criteria as parts plating too deliver long life maintenance-free anti-corrosion performance.
  • During the galvanization process, acid washing is avoided to the extent possible to prevent hydrogen intrusion and eliminate concern of delayed failure.
  • Nuts undergo a special lubrication process to ensure stable axial force during tightening through the nut angle method.

[November 26, 2012: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Housing Bureau Designation No. 1333-3-1 Certification No. MBLT-0108]

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