Introducing torsion high tension bolts used primarily in construction work and civil engineering.

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Torsher Type High Strength Bolts

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SS bolts

Reactive force to nut tightening torque in Teikoku Seibyo’s Torsher Type High Strength Bolts is received by the bolt pintail to enable static tightening.

With a pintail designed to break at the specified torque introduced to the desired axial strength to the bolt, these bolts are replacing high tension hex bolts used in construction and civil engineering.


  • Installers can visually confirm bolt tightening is complete by inspecting the breakage condition of the pintail.
  • The pintail breakage strength is uniform to ensure stable tightening force and eliminate need to perform for post-installation torque verification.
  • Tightening torque is controlled through the bolt assembly itself.
  • Lower installation noise than impact wrench installation.
  • A special nut lubrication treatment almost completely eliminates variations in tightening axis strength attributable to changes in temperature or weather conditions.
    [May 7, 2002: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Housing Bureau Designation No. 283Certification No. MBLT-9007]

Other uses for track spikes, trapezoidal screws, etc.

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Track spikes, also called "dog spikes" due to their resemblance to a dog's head, can be used in variety of applications. Try using them as decorations for outside walls or as hanging hooks.

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