Introducing consistently high quality, hex bolts formulated for high tensile strength.

Hexagon Bolts (4.6 - 12.9)



Two types of hex bolts are provided according to the double-sided width.

  • Regular Size Hex Bolts (Normal hexagon bolts)
  • Small Size Hex Bolts (double-sided width of head is smaller than regular size hexagon bolts)

Applicable strength classifications from 4.6 to 12.9.
Teikoku Seibyo is able to produce bolts of almost any size to meet customer requirements.

Also, Teikoku Seibyo has produced large diameter 10.9 (JIS certification) high tension hexagon bolts since October 1993 from advanced heat processing technologies based on hot forging techniques. (Up to 1,000mm length to bottom of head)



  • Chrome-molybdenum steel (SCM435, 440) and nickel chrome-molybdenum steel (SNCM439) materials are used in hex bolts (4.6 – 12.9). Stable quality is achieved through advanced quality control based on new, modern heat treatment facilities.
  • By pairing with nuts, it is possible to obtain a stable torque management during tightening.

[JIS Certification Classification]
November 2000 JIS B1180 Hexagon Bolts (Strength Classification: 4.6 - 12.9)

Hex Bolts - Medium

Hex Bolts – Medium

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Nominal diameter hex bolt

Nominal diameter hex bolt
Nominal diameter hex bolt

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Large Machinery/Civil Engineering/Shipbuilding-related Products

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Other uses for track spikes, trapezoidal screws, etc.

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track spikes Why not use for decorative purposes? Track spikes and screws can be used as commemorative gifts.
Track spikes, also called "dog spikes" due to their resemblance to a dog's head, can be used in variety of applications. Try using them as decorations for outside walls or as hanging hooks.

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