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Large Machinery/Civil Engineering/Shipbuilding-related Products

Hex Bolts (4.6 - 12.9)

Hexaqgon Bolts (4.6 - 12.9)

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Depending on the double-sided width, hexagon head bolts are provided in the two types of regular hexagon bolts and small hexagon bolts.

Hex Allen Bolts (Caps)

Hexagon socket head cap screw ( 8.8 - 10.9 )

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Because hex Allen bolts are generally not used together with nuts, "screw" is the more correct term for this type of product. However, the name “Hexagon socket head cap screw” (or cap bolt) has become prevalent.

Stainless Bolts

Stainless Bolts

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Our stainless bolts are manufactured based on our years of accumulated technical expertise and past achievements.

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