Introducing stainless bolts manufactured under exacting quality controls.

Stainless Bolts

Stainless Bolts

Our stainless bolts are manufactured based on years of accumulated technologies and experience.


  • All products are manufactured to order.
  • With post hot forging, solid solution, NC cutting, roll threading and surface treatment processes, stainless bolts are manufactured through all processes based on our rich experience and exacting quality controls.
  • Roll threading is possible through a wide range of sizes to meet diverse customer requirements. (Up to 1,000mm to bottom of head)

Large Machinery/Civil Engineering/Shipbuilding-related Products

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Other uses for track spikes, trapezoidal screws, etc.

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track spikes Why not use for decorative purposes? Track spikes and screws can be used as commemorative gifts.
Track spikes, also called "dog spikes" due to their resemblance to a dog's head, can be used in variety of applications. Try using them as decorations for outside walls or as hanging hooks.

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