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Teikoku Seibyo co.,ltd. has been making bolts, screws and nails essential for social development such as railway, construction, civil engineering, shipbuilding and aircraft for over 100 years.Currently, about 60% of sales are accounted for by railway related products, but from now on, by strengthening nonferrous metal products such as large bolts, screws and titanium, we will foster the business to become the second and third pillars doing. As a new initiative, we challenge to make products using nonferrous metals and titanium alloys. The challenge to the aviation industry, which is required to reduce weight, has also begun.

Rail spikes

Rail spikes production has been walking with the history of Japan’s long train.
Even now it is used for fastening of rails as wooden sleepers and synthetic sleepers and is highly regarded regardless of domestic and overseas.

Rail spikes(common)(JISE-1108)

It is the most commonly used ordinary rail spikes at present.The general use was enacted in 1967, and the improved type with the head thickened by 5 mm in 1974 was established for general purpose and N rail. After that, in 1986, a slip was applied to the head. What is currently used is what was decided as JIS in 1990 and it is for general purpose and for N rail.

Rail spikes(Round stopper nail)

It is used for fastening a sleeper for N rail (using wit screw), a floor plate of expansion joint, and a sleeper type rate sleeve. Since the wit screw was switched to ISO screw (metric thread) from FY 1984, circles and maggots are used only for the repair of the branch unit using the wit screw which is currently laid, expansion joints.

Rail spikes(Square lock nail)

Used for fastening sleeves of branch type for N rail (using metric thread) and floor plate branch type rate of expansion and contraction seams. The horns and mottles are designed considering the drawbacks of the following circles and motifs.

Screw spikes

A more advanced fastening force is obtained for wood and synthetic sleepers, and screw spikes which is hard to loosen is widely used.
Our company offers screw kits with high precision and powerful threaded part by hot rolling method.
I screwed it to increase the pull-out resistance of the nail.
The purpose of use is the same as in the case of a rail spikes, please see the drawing table of rail fixing and tie plate.Synthetic sleepers are becoming popular and there are many cases where the diameter of the shaft diameter is smaller than that of the conventional type rail screwdriver, the diameter of the head is small, and the shape is changed depending on the place of use.

Track bolt

We introduce the bolts / nuts for the railway-related seams.JIS E 1107 was enacted in February 1952. Since then, JIS E1107, E1113, E1114 have been integrated and advertised as New JIS E1107. In Teikoku made by Teikoku, it is manufactured based on JIS E 1107 Annex 1 (normative) wood screw seam plate bolt and nut. Detailed drawings such as shape and dimensions are here
We manufacture ordinary track bolt and heat treated seam plate bolts.
Among them, heat-treated seam plate bolts produced three types of 5.6, 8.8, and 10.9. We have received the JIS display permission (certification) for the first time in the industry and have the industry’s best production volume with its excellent technology and management system.

Prestressed concrete sleepers-rail fastenings

The concrete sleeper bolt is fastened to the rail through a spring in a sleeper that embeds a synthetic plug made of female thread in advance. Our company creates screw thread of bolt by hot rolling rolling method. Therefore, unlike the cutting method, the fiber structure of the steel material is maintained without breaking.A wide range of usage can be considered for trapezoidal screws, such as bolts for concrete sleepers throughout the country, civil engineering, suspended parts of concrete walls in underground parts and so on.
We respond to consultation as well as external threads, female thread design and others.
If you can think of an interesting method of use that is not conventional rail fastening method, please let me know.

Hot Rolling Method

  1. Since the fiber structure is not broken, it is excellent in strength.
  2. There is no eccentricity with high precision.
  3. Suitable for mass production.
  4. It also corresponds to customized items of any irregular / trapezoidal screws.
  5. Screw processing of special steel and stainless steel possible

Electrolytic corrosion-resistant resin coating bolt

We manufacture various coating bolts to prevent electrolysis in subways and tunnels.
Resin such as polycarbonate and coating bolt of nylon 11 is rich in ductility, toughness and impact resistance, it has low hygroscopicity and is extremely excellent in electric insulation resistance.

We are also selling bolts that have been coated with nylon or epoxy coatings so that they can serve even a bit for those problems. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


  1. Measures to prevent electrolysis in the subway / tunnel.
  2. It is rich in ductility, toughness and impact resistance.
  3. It has low hygroscopicity and is extremely excellent in electric insulation resistance.

We will accept similar products search and technical support. Feel free to estimate.


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